Ripona Language Academy

Dual Language Immersion Program Goals

Goal 1: Bilingualism and Biliteracy

Students have the goal to develop a high level of oral and written proficiency in both Spanish and English and attain the Seal of Biliteracy.

Goal 2: Academic Achievement

Students have the goal to achieve academic excellence in all subject areas, meeting or exceeding District and California State performance standards.

Goal 3: Socio-Cultural Competence

Students should be able to develop positive attitudes toward other languages and cultures and demonstrate their ability to appreciate the traditions and values of various cultures in our community, society and around the world.

  • Ripon Unified School District continues to support the development of its Dual Language Immersion Program as part of a growing movement recognizing the importance of supporting and promoting multilingualism. 


  • The United States of America has always been a multilingual and multicultural nation. Master of two or more languages has significant benefits to individuals, families, communities and the world.


  • It is increasingly important to educate students who are equipped linguistically and culturally to communicate successfully in a pluralistic American society and abroad.


  • We envision a future in which all students have a goal to develop and maintain proficiency in English and at least one other language. Children who come to school from non-English speaking backgrounds should also have opportunities to develop further proficiencies in their first language.
2021-2022 RLA Kindergarten & 1st grade class celebrating 5 de mayo

50/50 Model

Instructional Program

  • Core content instruction in the classroom is in Spanish and English
  • The program follows the District's core curriculum and uses state-adopted materials
  • Grade-level Common Core State Standards are taught
  • The delivery of the lessons taught using one language at a time

For Example....

  • Spanish Language Arts
  • English Academic Language Development
  • English skills and concepts developed through Science/Social Studies
  • Spanish Math

Ripona Language Academy Plan